Attract and Engage: Unlock the Power of Neon Signs to Boost Business Foot Traffic

Neon lights were an explosion in the 1990s and the trend has not slowed down since that. The bands have been writing songs about them and businesses and schools have written tales about how they boost sales. They’ve been called the “knights of shining armor” in the field of sales and have saved many hotels, restaurants, and motels over these past decades.

Neon-colored signs are considered legends that inspire respect, and today we’ll look at their importance, fortitude, and benefits.

  1. Custom Neon sign boards can be difficult to miss, even while driving along the highway. Your brand logo will be the focal point for customers and potential clients by combining bright colors.
  2. The neon sign boards allow you to express your creativity. They are easy to make and easy to maintain. A neon signboard could be used to create your logo, as well as other creative elements. You can make them into any shape you like. When driving between Las Vegas and Dallas, you can witness the endless imagination of neon signs and storefront signage. Because they don’t require much cash to be created and installed, you can let your imagination design your ideal neon sign.
  3. Longevity – A well-designed neon signboard is expected to last for at least 10 years. They are a one-time investment that can keep drawing crowds to your business for years without any further expenditure. Just choose the right signage with your logo on it, and you will reap the benefits for at least a decade.

But these are a few superficial advantages that barely touch the numbers. A study by the University of Cincinnati showed that the right use of signage can boost sales for a business. Indeed, a single case resulted in a 15% increase in sales when the right signage was employed. Here are some more statistics about signs and business profits that can change the way we view neon signs today:

  1. A study released by Beery, 2002 showed that out of 100,000 shoppers around 29 percent decide on their shopping options based on the information that is displayed on the signs.
  2. About 68 percent of the participants in a survey carried out by Ketchum Global Research in 2012 reported that they bought a product or service simply because an illuminating sign caught their eye. They’re shocked that they’re making this decision now. They are incredible and alluring! Neon signs are a great way to advertise your business. It will also save you time by providing information about their services and products. This will add credibility to their business.
  3. A similar survey revealed that over 70% of participants believed that the quality of signage reflected the level of service and quality offered by a particular brand.
  4. A neon sign that is poorly designed with misspelled words can lose more than 52 percent of its potential clientele.
  5. The neon signs are a powerful type of advertising that cannot be replaced by any type of digital marketing or social media marketing.
  6. Custom neon sign has always been a fantastic way to increase sales in stores that offer regular sales or special promotions. These signs help the products move more quickly and ensure that each product will be on the shelves for less time. People want to know the specifics of the product you’re selling as well as your beliefs.

Numerous cities and firms are well-known for their custom neon signs, such as Miami, Grain Belt Beer, and Minneapolis.

Neon signs are still the preferred choice of numerous retail store owners and shopkeepers because of the extensive freedom the platform provides. You can promote anything, from beer to breakfast and bedtimes, and people will pay attention. It is not necessary to seek out advertising agencies, you do not require the assistance from media (including magazines, television newspapers, and magazines – although they may help, no one is saying they are not important) however, you can connect with your targeted audience with substantial effectiveness.

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