Leveraging Digital Signage to Boost Upselling: Can It Be Done?

Reliable upselling is a fundamental part of almost any company, designed to help you increase your revenue and profits. Digital signage is a great way to increase upselling in your business. Signs that highlight key features, guide customers through the buying process, and also educate people about your company.

That’s only the beginning of the story regarding what digital signage could do. Digital custom neon sign can boost the sales of your business since they’re easy and quick to customize for timely and efficient advertising. It can also alter the way people interact with your brand as well as the amount they spend at your location. Here are some examples of how digital signage can help increase sales and boost your strategies for upselling.

Prioritize seasonal and limited-time offers

While you are deciding what aspects are essential to include in your digital signage, be sure to consider including seasonable products and offers that are limited in time. The availability and timeliness of services or products can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of customers. Make sure that seasonal and limited-time sales for these items are prominently displayed on your video walls along with your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn). If you can do this, you can likely find customers who respond positively to the demand in the short term, which could give your upselling campaign an extra boost. In essence, if consumers aren’t certain if the product is available or even offered in the same way the next time they go to the store, they may have a greater desire to purchase it.

Emphasize Features and Benefits

One method in that digital signage can help boost your sales is to highlight the benefits and features of the products and services that you promote. For example, your business’s menu boards don’t have to simply list the items and services that you provide as they’re a vital element of your sales team. Coffee shops might employ digital signage to advertise the ingredients in the latest drink, go into detail on how different ingredients and methods of preparation provide distinct tastes and textures, and show what makes this particular brand of coffee superior to others. These strategies don’t just promote the product, but inform customers about the unique advantages of the item. Digital displays can be used to highlight other advantages and offers that will encourage buyers to buy what they want.

Show New Products

Digital signage is a great method to showcase the benefits and appeal of new items. Restaurants use this sort of upselling every day when they have a new food or drink they think their customers will like the restaurant’s owners often launch an advertising campaign with modified signage to announce and highlight the new features. This allows customers to be familiar with the details of what the new product is about and the advantages of having it, even if they’re just waiting in line and watching it described in highly visible advertising.

The options highlighted are more expensive.

Digital signage can be a great source of convincing power. One of the best ways to sell with digital signage is to showcase your most expensive products and services. Attract the attention of customers to the most expensive products and highlight your most expensive services. You could also provide an alternative that is less expensive to those who don’t want to pay more to get the best product. However, it should not be the most affordable. If you’re struggling to sell certain items, take a look at how they are currently promoted. You could shift them to a new area and perhaps see a rise in sales as people discover the new, previously undiscovered option.

With a carefully designed custom neon sign that promotes and displays your services and products, you’ll give a steady increase in your upselling efforts. At Bartush Signs, we’re proud to provide all the fast and flexible digital signage options you need to create distinctive and memorable marketing. Get in touch now!

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