How to Clean Neon Signs

Are you in desperate need of a thorough cleaning of the neon signs on your property?

Neon lights can draw grease, dust insects, dust, and webs in time. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure that neon light bulbs remain bright, vibrant, and appealing.

Neon signs are an enjoyable method of adding an artistic design to your workplace. But, it’s essential to keep your premises clean. Signs made of neon are typically employed to draw customers from the outdoors. The LED neon sign can also be utilized inside to add color and character to your home.

It’s the last thing you want people to be able to see how poorly maintained your signs are.

Modern neon signs that use LEDs are protected by a protection plastic, whereas traditional neon signs are made of less durable neon glass tubes. Traditional light bulbs can be hot to the touch once they’re lit. However, LED neon sign do not become as hot after they’re lit.

This makes it much simpler to keep modern neon signs clean.

Dust Removal

Since there aren’t any toxic gases present that are present in modern neon signs, they’re safer to utilize as opposed to traditional neon signs which contain noble gases.

It is essential to turn off the neon sign and disconnect it before beginning any kind of handling. Let the sign cool down for a few minutes after you’ve finished. The signs can become hot after operating for long durations of time.

Begin with a feather duster to remove any dust. Then, you can use a nylon brush with long bristles. Apply gentle pressure to get rid of any dust that remains.

Before you decide if more thorough cleaning is needed to get rid of dirt and stains using an aqueous cleaning, be sure you get rid of the dust as best you can.

Cleanse Stains and grime

Mix 1/2 cup of household ammonia and 1/2 cup of water in a container to wash away stains. Then, apply the mix to wet a towel, then squeeze out any excess. Clean all stains or dirt that are on your signs.

It is simpler to clean LEDs using the coating of polymer. However, it is essential to switch off the sign and disconnect from the power source when you are cleaning.

Are you not a fan of ammonia? Alternatively, you can use ammonia in place of baking soda and vinegar mix.

Do not do this at any cost.

When cleaning, don’t wash the sign with the solution. If the sign is covered in block-out paint, you have to be extra careful. Before cleaning the entire sign, ensure you test only a small portion.

Are you ready to purchase an ultra-modern, safe LED neon sign?

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