Capturing the Glow: Mastering Neon Light Photography Techniques

Although custom neon signs and lights are well-known trends, it is only recently that neon hues have been used in photography. Owing to the internet’s obsession with bright colors, the neon aesthetic is now a preference of many. The neon-colored signs have a retro look everywhere you look.

As an aspiring photographer, you may find yourself in a dilemma when exploring a new medium in the field. The field of photography and neon themes in particular require a lot of knowledge. It is difficult to shoot in low light with an epicenter that is exposed. These are some techniques to ensure that you don’t get stuck in chaos when you try to capture photos using a custom neon sign.

Part 1: How to make imaginative neon images

The main feature of neon photography is the vivid colors that fill up the entire canvas and catch the attention of the viewer. Here are some suggestions to guide you through the process of taking neon photos.

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1. Adjust the Aperture

The majority of neon photos are taken in low light, meaning that you will require the most light that you can. Here is when the aperture can be useful. A large aperture can make it possible to create distinctive photos even in low-light situations, such as neon photography.

But blurred compositions can be produced by reducing your focal length. However, it is best to not be concerned about that because it is exactly what you require when playing with a custom neon sign. It’s possible to go with f/2.8 If you wish the background to disappear completely, or choose to use f/4 for the appearance of a more discrete background.

2. Increase the ISO

Shooting pictures in the dark also means adjusting your ISO settings accordingly. The majority of the time, neon photos are shot at higher ISO values, which enables the camera to gather more light and brighten up the picture. Try different ISO values to find the one that will work best for your needs.

Increasing the ISO will make the noise more noticeable in the photo, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. The adjustment of the exposure can remove noise. If that doesn’t work you can remove it manually and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Utilizing a higher ISO will help you sharpen your image too.

3. RAW is a friend

RAW format is the preferred option for photos with neon. This will enable you to capture high-quality images with less storage space and editing will also be significantly easier. RAW formats always come in useful when the quality of images is to be preserved.

4. Switch Focus to Manual

Photographing in low lighting is a sign that your camera may not always be there to find the right subject. Neon pictures can make it difficult to focus. It is possible to avoid this by switching to manual focus instead of autofocus. You are in control of what stays in focus and what is hidden from the light.

5. Have fun playing with the temperature

The neon signs are fun to use until you have excessive colors within your photo. If this happens, which is often the case, you can adjust the temperature and the white balance of your device to tone down the color.

If your photograph is dominated by a red neon theme You can reduce the temperature to give it a cooler tone. Remember that neon style is all bright and vibrant and therefore, you should not make use of too many neutral shades.

6. Try a variety of Angels

This technique will come in handy even when you’re no longer shooting neon pictures. Keep changing your perspective and view things from a different angle. Experiment and create a unique aesthetic that can attract the eye of the viewer.

7. Add Subjects

It can look bland when you choose neon backgrounds in your photos. You could try adding a central subject and experimenting with it. Utilize models to boost the brightness of your neon-themed photos. You can draw attention to the central element of your photo and then fill it up with neon colors and vibrancy. This will make your image stand out.

8. Avoid Blurs

Low-light blurred images aren’t as appealing or impactful. When taking neon pictures blurring backgrounds, however blurring the focal point can give off an overall passive feeling. Do not blur your images.

It is possible to increase your ISO and manually fixate on the subject using the techniques previously mentioned to sharpen your picture. To avoid blurring, it is recommended to use a sharp lens like 50mm F/1.4. Utilizing timers, and an appropriate tripod to stabilize your camera can aid in capturing the perfect picture.

9. Reflections are useful

One great tip to take neon pictures is to make use of any reflective surface you can find. Consider adding glasses if are modeling to reflect off the neon lights. To reflect the light as brightly as possible it is possible to use windows or reflective surfaces on your phone to reflect it.

Accept rainy days. Make use of the water puddles to reflect off the lights and enhance your appearance. You can also carry a water bottle to make your puddles at any time you like.

10. Keep an Eye on Shadows

Shadows can be the difference or break for your images. It is essential to pay attention to shadows when shooting neon photos. Flashguns are sometimes employed by photographers to bring some illumination to their photos. You can also make use of colored gels to create a neon effect in your photographs. It is possible to get rid of shadows that are too big in your photos. They can cause your whole image to appear low-quality.

Part 2: Ideas for creating Neon Light-Style Videos

Moving away from photos, if you are seeking to incorporate neon themes and neon light styles into your videos We’ve got you covered. Wondershare Filmstock is an excellent resource tool and stock with a wide range of video templates to suit your needs.

You can view the video and learn to utilize the ‘Busy Busy’ Pack to create neon-style videos.

Below are some of the video template packs provided by Filmstock which are themed around neon.

1. Neon Zone Pack

The Neon Zone Pack offered by Filmstock is the perfect resource pack for making neon-style videos. The pack contains 25 different elements that can be included in videos that focus on different themes, such as dancing or partying, or any other activity with a neon backdrop.

2. Busy-Busy Pack

The Busy-Busy Pack is the ultimate video template set specifically designed to take a nighttime stroll through the city. The vivid themes are perfect for neon themes to use in dim light. It has seven titles with 26 elements and three overlays. It also has a transition. This template is ideal to create neon-inspired aesthetics.

3. Dance Pack Volume 1

This witty and fun video template comes with neon-colored signs that are intended for motion tracking. Now you can add the neon effect to your dance videos using the Dance Pack Vol. 1 by Filmstock contains 45 elements as well as 6 titles. It lets you use 2 overlays or transitions. This is a great option to add some spice to your motion and dance videos.

4. Neon Elements Pack

The Neon Elements Pack allows you to add vivid elements to your neon wallpaper. It comes with 25 different elements that can be used to give you a variety of neon-themed elements at once. These icons will add some bright color to your videos with their vibrant and vibrant hues.


It is difficult to shoot in a different medium. Be consistent when you are exploring something new. Regular practice can improve your skills and help you grow into a professional within a short period.

Improve your photography skills and try the techniques mentioned above to produce the perfect neon pictures. You can try these tricks at home and see for yourself the wonders that they bring about. To get that neon look make sure you have Filmstock. To add these incredible neon effects to your videos, you can also download Filmora’s video editor.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you create neon lights for images?

With the help of basic editing tools in Photoshop,, You can apply neon lights and glows to your photos. You can add neon lighting to your images to enhance the colors.

  • How do I change the neon signs on my photo?

Open a photo with any editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom to edit neon signs. After that, alter various aspects of the photo such as the lighting and aperture according to your demands. You may need to alter the temperature and contrast of your image. Slide around until you get the desired results.

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