Don’t Let Rainy Days Dampen Your Neon LED Signs Shine: Expert Advice

Neon LED sign customers worry about the rain. Sure! Absolutely! Even if it is pouring, neon LED signs are still possible.

Neon LED signs may be used indoors and outdoors. Outdoor LED signs can be used outdoors because they are waterproof. You can use them even in the rain or heavy downpours. Aside from their design, they are safe to use in the rain and heavy downpours.

Let’s separate this topic for a better understanding of outdoor neon LED signs.

In Rain, Can Neon LED Signs be Made?

They can be used in any way you like. The construction is different from traditional glass neon signs.

Glass ones are difficult to use outdoors in bad weather or rain. Glass is fragile and can present risks.

If you need waterproof LED neon signs for outdoor use, some manufacturers can make them waterproof. But, it is essential to waterproof any LED neon signs you use outside.

Your LED modules will stay intact in the event of rain. You must remember that this is what lights the signs when an electric current passes through it.

This is a method of waterproofing the LED neon signs by sealing all their openings. This ensures that no one can enter the main area. Your sign will reflect light into your space and withstand the rain.

Are you wondering if you can waterproof indoor signs? This is also possible. It is necessary for safety. It’s to insure that water does not affect the LED sign regardless of its position or circumstances.

NeonLED Signs Are Waterproof?

Waterproofing is an important feature for neon LED signs designed for outdoor usage. The specifications of indoor LED signs will dictate which type you choose.

It’s possible to have a personal arrangement made with the manufacturer if you require waterproof indoor signs. It will allow you to use it in a stress-free manner, regardless of its location and current operations.

What To Avoid When Installing LED Signs Outside?

People are turning to neon LED signs for outside use. They are leaving behind their glass counterparts. It is because they have the right ambiance and are versatile.

They can be ordered in many colors and customized to your liking. They are perfect for any occasion. It is all about customizing the product to match your event type and theme.

You can have problems even if all these things are beneficial. You will need to be able to work with outdoor lights.

If you don’t know where to start, getting professional help will be the best decision. But, any self-installations should take into consideration the following guidelines.

1. Bending of Light Strip

It’s clear that LED neon signs have a high degree of flexibility and will perform well if they are properly installed. When mounting the neon sign, be sure to not bend it upwards or downwards.

The light should never curve in arches, dip, or bend at any point. These movements can cause serious damage to the sign. The most common problem is the malfunctioning of the lamp.

2. Keep some distance

Some signs could be in a similar arrangement. You need to give them a distance.

You shouldn’t place them too close. Each should be at least a tenth of an inch from the other. Installations closer to LED lights could result in them overheating. Furthermore, you might have lights that last a lot less.

3. Avoid placing it in water

Outdoor neon LED signs are waterproof. They can withstand severe weather outside.

But that doesn’t mean they can be submerged in water. For areas such as swimming pools, underwater lighting might be necessary. You might need to look for other options.

You can get the best advice from experts and swimming pool construction professionals about which light is best.

4. Never light it while it is on the Spool!

Some LED neon signs may be wrapped around spools. They are easier to carry and can be used with other LED neon signs.

It is not safe to light the LED sign while it is still taut. It can also lead to malfunctioning. It might not light when the current passes through the rope in a tightly closed position.

It blocks heat flow. You should remove the sign from the flame before you light it, even for testing purposes.

5. Choose the location carefully

Your sign must be visible and easily accessible to everyone. However, it’s a good idea to be cautious about where the sign is placed in your outdoor space.

Select a great location without any obstructions. It shouldn’t be in a location that requires frequent moving. Don’t put signs on doors, windows, gates, or other locations. These areas have more movement.

By placing the LED neon sign in an area that is not subject to movement, you will improve its durability. It doesn’t affect the performance.

How Do You Protect Neon LED Signs from Rainwater?

Rain is one situation that can make your life difficult. When dealing with outdoor lighting in rainy areas, be aware of your surroundings.

B) Use Outdoor-Rated, Neon LED Signs

Neon LED signs for outdoor spaces should be carefully considered. On patios, balconies, or other areas, regular LED neon signs will be effective.

However, moisture may pose a threat to functionality. Not all neon signs are suitable to be outdoors. Some may be best suited for wet places only.

Some are waterproof, but others are weather-resistant. Also, make sure to check the packaging. This information should be indicated by manufacturers. You must also make sure your signs are weather-resistant.

B – Choose the Correct Position of Neon LED Signs

Neon-led signs shouldn’t ever be used. It is possible to avoid areas where people are likely to move frequently, as mentioned earlier. It can reduce the durability of your signs.

It is a great idea to cover any areas that have signs you are interested in. One example is outdoor receptacles that could be found on a porch or screened patio.

For protection from extreme weather, consider a door covering. Make sure the cover is easy to close. These areas can become damp. These areas can be damp so make sure your cover is appropriate.

The outdoor container might not be protected from the elements by a covering or roof. A cover is essential.

Covers that can be used over signs are available from some companies. The cover helps keep the plug dry and the receptacle clean. It doesn’t matter if the weather is hot, humid, or rainy.

Using Light Shields

Neon signs for outdoor use can be mounted on the main network. But, the fixture may be in an open space. It is therefore important to invest in quality light shields.

These small but sturdy boxes can be used to cover your outdoor neon-led fixture. The shields prevent moisture from entering the housing and light fittings.

Once you have dried your sign, you will get the durability that your manufacturer promised. You might be able to extend the life expectancy of your sign if you take proper care.

D Install Weather-Resistant Receptacles

The importance of knowing electrical operations is crucial. It is therefore important to seek professional advice if you are unsure.

Make sure you always plug temporary loads into outdoor receptacles. You must also ensure that the cord is not run out through any doors or windows, even if it is from an outdoor receptacle.

Receptacles need to be weather resistant. Weather-resistant outlets used to be optional. Today, however, it is becoming increasingly important.

You might not find them in some older homes. They might have weatherproof covers. These receptacles are designed to handle dampness.

They can also handle heat and freezing. They should, however, not damage any of the neon LED signs or receptacles.

It is important to ensure that they can withstand the elements and are weather resistant when choosing them. If you don’t want to risk your neon LED sign’s durability and longevity, you should consider buying a regular replacement.

E) Avoid Material That Could Catch Fire

Incorrectly installed light fixtures can cause fire outbreaks. Neon signs, however, are designed to release less heat.

It is important to ensure that you do not allow heat to escape from fixtures or lighting materials. Reduce the number of bulbs placed around your area.

All materials that could ignite, burn or be ignitable should be kept out of the way of the signs. An example: A good accent light could be placed under open space.

You might fall in love with the effect that the light has on the space. The result might not please you if it has stray or hay everywhere.

Final Thoughts

The advancements made in lighting technology are crucial. Many people have switched to LED neon signs over the old glass neon signs. It allows them outdoor use of neon LED signs without worrying about the rain.

They are versatile and open to so many creative options. This is your chance to make a change if you’ve been thinking about it for a while.

You must follow these precautions if your goal is to self-install the signs. If you are unable to follow the above steps, professional assistance is recommended.

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