Keep Your Neon Signs Looking Bright: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning and Maintenance

As neon signs are used for a long time, they accumulate dirt particles, oil, grease, pests, and webs. Your neon lights should be cleaned regularly in order to keep them as bright, colorful, and attractive as possible.

You should clean your neon signs. We usually get a general question about cleaning neon signs.

Neon signs are commonly used outside to attract clients. Additionally, neon lights can be used indoors for decorative purposes. They add character and color to your environment while also illuminating it.

Neon lights have become very popular due to the unique shapes and vivid colors they offer, as well as their excellent visibility. One of the most important questions is how to clean neon lighting properly. They are often displayed in storefront windows to advertise businesses or draw customers. Just like all lights, the neon tube can develop dirt, dust, and grime due to airborne debris and other detritus.

Signs and neon lights can look dirty if they aren’t cleaned regularly. They can be maintained longer and their colors can be enhanced with routine cleaning. Learn how to clean your neon lights. Because they are delicate, the cleaning of neon lights requires special techniques.

The traditional neon signs have a more delicate neon tube, but modern neon lights use LEDs and are enclosed in protective polymers. Furthermore, traditional high beams are hot to the touch when lighted. LED neon sign, however, is not.

There are several options to clean neon signs if you’re unsure.

  1. Getting rid of dust

Before you can handle the LED neon sign safely, be sure to turn it off. The sign should be allowed to cool down after that.

You can dust with one feather duster. You can then lightly brush any remaining dust with a nylon brush with long, soft bristles.

Clean your surfaces thoroughly before you decide if you want to scrub them with a wet cloth to remove dirt and stains.

This has made cleaning modern neon signs much easier.

  1. Ridding of Grime and Stains

To get rid of filth and stains, mix 12 cups of common ammonia with 12 cups of water inside a glass container. Next, soak a towel in the mixture. Then squeeze out any extra. Use a gentle rub to clean off any dirt and stains.

Thanks to the plastic covering, cleaning LEDs is much easier. While wet cleaning is underway, make sure to turn down your sign before you disconnect the power supply.

Are you looking to reduce the use of ammonia? Alternatives to ammonia are vinegar and baking soda.

  1. You Can Turn It Off Properly

It is best to leave neon signs on. This will prolong their lives. When neon lights are turned on and then off frequently, they can burn out more quickly. You must remove the LED neon sign from the area you are cleaning to ensure safety. It is important to keep the sign safe during cleaning. Turn off the sign immediately after you start cleaning. This will help you be safer and make the soiled areas stand out more.

Avoid This

Do not soak the sign in cleaning solution or water while cleaning. Extra care is required for signs with block-out paint. By testing a small part of the sign in a corner, you can ensure that the cleaning solution won’t damage or break the paint.

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