The Power of Visual Communication: 5 Types of Signs Every Art Gallery Should Use

Gallery signs can have as much importance as art. As it communicates brand values, quality signage is important for all businesses.

Signs in an Art Gallery: Why are they necessary?

They can be used as a wayfinding tool

Wayfinding signage is LED neon signs that direct people in the right direction. You can find many wayfinding signs for art galleries. They include exit signs, toilet signs, and signs pointing at exhibitions. A wayfinding system is especially useful if your gallery is spread over several floors.

These allow you to increase brand awareness

Every business has branding. You should reflect this in your signage. Your branding includes images, text, and logos that are related to your business. As it allows people and businesses to identify your brand, it is vital.

They Make First Impressions

Our world is based on first impressions. Therefore, it is crucial to give people a great first impression. The best way to give people an excellent impression of your business is through external signage. You will always get a better response from people if you have quality signage than old and faded signs.

What Types Of Signs Should Art Galleries Use?

External Fascia

To let people know the name of your business, a sign should be attached to the front. Your exterior fascia is a great place to make a significant impact as it is often the first thing people notice about your business. You can turn off potential customers by poor quality signs. The exterior sign, which we produced and installed at Clarendon Fine Art, perfectly fits their current branding.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are fun and a great way for galleries to show off their personality. You could simply display the gallery name, or even advertise a new show. Window graphics are flexible and easy to change.

Sign Making

A projecting LED neon sign is a sign that projects onto the sides of buildings. They can be easily seen from several directions which increases exposure. Hanging project LED neon signs have long been a favorite choice for art galleries.


It is important that people who visit your gallery know both the artist’s name and the name of each piece of artwork. Plaques may be small but can still perfectly match your branding. This will ensure that the plaques don’t distract attention from the main attraction.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are an excellent addition to art galleries looking for interaction. Wall graphics are just like window graphics and can be updated often. You can even make wall graphics into a wayfinding system, e.g. You can even turn wall graphics into wayfinding systems, e.g. graphics that indicate what each floor contains. To make your wall graphics easily visible, ensure they are at eye level.

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